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    1. Find The Artwork

    Find the artwork you would like to visualise on our website and click the button if you are already on your mobile device or if you are browsing on a computer you'll see a QR Code. Simply open up our app and click on the Scan QR icon and scan the code.
  • 2. Point your device

    Point your device at a clear space on your floor. It is important that the room is well lit and clear of obstacles to get the best calibration.
  • 3. Lock it in place

    Move to the wall where you'd like to see the painting and align where the wall and floor meet then pin it in place.
  • 4. Move the painting

    You can drag the painting to see it at any position on that wall. Then you can move around or stand back and see what it looks like. You can even take a photo or add it to your wishlist